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About Us

I am Sandeep Singh. I did my master in Computer Application. I made this blog to the people of Punjab. Many people of Punjab have the difficulty to read and understand the English Language. 

Sometimes they did not understand the whole in the English. So they got less information about that topic. That's why I thought that I should make a blog in the Punjabi Language so that the people of Punjab can get more and more knowledge in an easy way. 

This blog will provide them with the following information in the Punjabi Language. 

1. Imp. News about The Punjab, India, and World: I will cover all the latest important news about Punjab, India, and World so that people should remain aware about their surrondings. 

2. Tech: This blog will cover the technology related information in the Punjabi Language so that the people of Punjab can get full detail about the technology news in detail. 

3. Gadgets: In this blog, people will also get the latest news about the Gadgets so that they can use their gadgets with full capacity. 

4. Edu & Rec.: I will provide important information about the current educational topics as well as the recruitment in India and Abroad to my visitors. 

5. NRI: I will also write about the Non-Residence Indian so that they can get information in a quick and easy way. 

The only motive to create this blog to help the people of India. I will try my best to give them the best information so that they should remain aware of their surroundings to grow more and more.  

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